James Shaw III

1920 - 2003

Man with radio set on background of sketches of WWII RAF equipment
clock face with no numbers - 8:03

Timeline 1920 to 2003

RAF corporal's shoulder badge

Canada, UK, France, Belgium & Holland

model standard vanguard van

Drawings, models and cars

iconic viking's head

A 33-year career as a vehicle, brake and project engineer

drawing of compression machine

Jim Shaw and Charles 'Harry' Laight's Compression Test Machine

Rover P4 steering wheel icon

Gearboxes, Overdrive, V8 & Diesel engines, power braking, steel doors & plastic handles

Rover P5 steering wheel icon

Town and Touring Overdrive - William Martin-Hurst

Rover P6 steering wheel icon

Brakes and simulated mountains

Rover P6 steering wheel icon

Rex Marvin's story of the 'five-cylinder P6s', ideas looking for a car

Marathon Lake, Greece

A report of the test drive of Rover 3500 (P6B) TXC 730F to Athens and back in September 1967

Rover P8 steering wheel icons

Full Power Hydraulic Braking at last!

Rover SD1 steering wheel icon

Fuel Injection for North America, Cold Starting, Diesel and 'O'-series engines

old rotary potentiometer

Early radio, Hi-Fi and home computers

drawing ink bottle

Drawings, Posters, Covers, Forms, Graphics and Logos

nash car badge graphic

Jim Shaw's cartoons relating to the Nash Rambler 1953 model

blackboard with disc brake graphic

Part of a Special Lecture Course arranged by Coventry Technical College in 1965

graphic of a modern church

Elder and treasurer of St. Ninian's Presbyterian/United Reformed Church, Solihull

graphic of a bent clock face

When Events Choose Their Own Times