James Shaw III

1920 - 2003

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Timeline 1920 to 2003

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Canada, UK, France, Belgium & Holland

model standard vanguard van

Drawings, models and cars

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A 33-year career as a vehicle, brake and project engineer

drawing of compression machine

Jim Shaw and Harry Laight's Compression Test Machine

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Gearboxes, Overdrive, V8 & Diesel engines, power braking, steel doors & plastic handles.

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Town and Touring Overdrive - William Martin-Hurst.

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Brakes and simulated mountains

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Rex Marvin's story of the 'five-cylinder P6s', ideas looking for a car

Marathon Lake, Greece

A report of the test drive of Rover 3500 (P6B) TXC 730F to Athens and back in September 1967

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Full Power Hydraulic Braking at last!

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Fuel Injection for North America, Cold Starting, Diesel and 'O'-series engines