Shawbits Serendipity

A collection of diverse items that may be of interest

Portrait of James Shaw I

Dairyman and Farmer

Portrait of James Shaw II

Handicrafts Teacher

Portait of James Shaw III

Vehicle Development Engineer

Portait of James Shaw IV

Chartered Engineer

tree of life

Lost and found family roots and branches. Serendipitous searches for the family tree

cotton reel and needle

Baking, jam making and teasing language students

Sketch of trek cart

An account of a 109 mile Trek undertaken by 1st Dundee Scout Troop in 1911

Cartoon of self-adhesive tape holders

A comic strip series involving self-adhesive tape holders and office life

Drawing based on one span of the Saltash bridge

Random engineering articles from a practical perspective

Cartoon of aerial photographer cum pilot

Photo-reconaissance group supporting the Allied invasion of Europe during WW2

Marathon Lake, Greece

A report of the test drive of Rover 3500 (P6B) TXC 730F to Athens and back in September 1967

Rover car badge re-drawn as a dog's head

Memories of a Rover development engineer's son during the 1950-60s

Sketch of telephone connected to autodialler

A standalone device to store frequently used phone numbers and provide 'last number' redial before phones became 'smart'

Photo of two poor, but happy, children

Scots poet expresses the idea we share a common humanity, we are all the children of 'John Tamsin'

rabbit inside a top hat

A link to the old chronological index, (no pictures)