James Shaw IV

small boy holding teddybear
elizabeth 2nd regina cipher

Memories of the coronation of Elizabeth II

transmitter aerial icon

Dan Dare's Radio Station is not wireless

Rover car badge re-drawn as a dog's head

Memories of a Rover development engineer's son during the 1950-60s

Sketch of telephone connected to autodialler

A standalone device to store frequently used phone numbers and provide 'last number' redial before phones became 'smart'

sketch of geneva wheel

MSc project to convert a small conveyor to computer control to work in a robotic cell

clapper board

Some simple animations that were made with the children next door.

Cartoon of self-adhesive tape holders

A wee bit of humour. I was challenged to create a comic strip using objects found in an office. This was triggered by the arrival of a new type of sticky tape in the office.

Photo of two poor, but happy, children

Scots poet expresses the idea we share a common humanity, we are all the children of 'John Tamsin'

Drawing based on one span of the Saltash bridge

Random engineering articles from a practical perspective